Custom built mobile laboratories

Custom built mobile laboratories

Designed and equipped to your exact specification.

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The mobile laboratory is often the first equipment to arrive on site. A smart, efficient, well equipped lab is the best introduction for a contractor. Impact test Equipment custom design container conversion mobile laboratories which provide a consistent and reliable testing environment regardless of weather and environmental conditions. Dust, wind, wet, heat, cold. We can protect the interior and exterior, provide specialist protective flooring, walls, electricity, drainage, heating and more.

Your mobile laboratory is engineered to your specification. Specifically designed with your required testing equipment and storage to keep equipment safe and secure whilst on the move, we ensure your container is as practical a workspace as possible. To ensure the highest levels of standards and safety, we offer a wide range of accessories which will make the laboratory completely independent and self-sufficient.

How to order
If you are considering a mobile laboratory container conversion for your next project, Impact Test Equipment work with your team to design and manufacture a custom-built mobile container laboratory that meets your requirements exactly, allowing you to take your analytical/testing capabilities where they are most needed - on-site.

Contact us today to discuss your unique requirements.