Multi-Channel Thermometer

Multi-Channel Thermometer

3 channel thermometer with audible alarm

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3 channel thermometer, T/C Type K/T/J/S/Pt100, audible alarm, connection for max. 3 optional radio probes, incl. battery and calibration protocol
Probe not included - see TH059
The robust and compact measuring instrument with a probe socket for highly accurate Pt100 probes and two sockets for fast-action thermocouple probes. Readings from up to three additional temperature probes can be shown on the instrument's clear display; measurement data transmission is by radio i.e. wireless. A total of six channels can be collected in this way by the instrument. Using the highly accurate, plug-in Pt100 immersion/penetration probe, a system accuracy of 0.05 °C with a resolution of 0.001 °C is reached. The measurement system is therefore ideally suited for use as a working standard.
Optional Printer available
  • System accuracy up to 0.05 °C
  • Displays and saves Delta T, min, max and mean values
  • Audible alarm when limit values are exceeded
  • Protection class IP65
  • Accuracy over the entire measurement range thanks to system adjustment


Storage temperature -30 to +70 °C
Operating temperature -20 to +50 °C
Battery type Alkali manganese, mignon, Type AA
Battery life 200 h
Weight 428 g
Dimensions 220 x 74 x 46 mm
Material/Housing ABS/TPE/Metal