0 to 2000 micron Digital Paint Thickness Gauge

0 to 2000 micron Digital Paint Thickness Gauge

with ferrous probe

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The Digital Coating Thickness Meter easily measures all coatings on metallic substrates using the magnetic induction or eddy-current principles, ensuring the correct coating thickness has been applied.

It is one of the most advanced Coating Thickness Meters on the market, using up-to-date technology in a robust portable instrument and incorporating all the following user functions through a menu-driven back-lit display.

CALIBRATION. Calibrate on any blasted profile or any shape of substrate using the Calibration Foils supplied.

CALIBRATION MEMORIES. The calibration settings for different substrates and shapes can be stored and recalled when required.

STATISTICS. Continually shows Mean, Number of Readings, Max/Min, Coefficient of Variation and Standard Deviation.

LIMITS. Pass and fail with audible and visual alarm.

METRIC/IMPERIAL. Select the measurement units that you require.

BATCHING. Measurements that are taken can be stored into batches which incorporate batch number, unique job number, and date and time. You can also go back to previous batches and look at the statistics and add or cancel readings from previous batches.

DOWNLOAD. Enables all measurements, statistics and out-of-limit readings to be downloaded to a computer either by batch number or job number into Microsoft Word or Excel.

Supplied in an industrial foam-filled Carrying Case with flexible lead Measuring Probe (Ferrous), set of 8 Calibration Foils and Zero Disk.