Flow Trough 826mm Long

Flow Trough 826mm Long

for the Colcrete Flow Trough Test

Approx. Weight (kg)6
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Used to determine and maintain the fluidity of the grout at the mixer. Its use ensures that the grout is of the correct consistency for the purpose required and it provides a very quick method, requiring no special skill, of checking that the water, cement and fly ash contents of the mix are constant.

It consists of a sheet metal channel fitted with a spirit level, a graduation in cm, a tundish and plug and a quart measure. The flow through is wetted, allowed to drain for one minute and set up level. A quart of grout is placed into the tundish and the plug withdrawn. The point to which the grout flows is read in mm or cm. Generally, flow
trough readings should be 550mm to 650mm for grouting by gravity penetration, 450mm to 550mm for underwater work, and 350mm to 450mm for upward grouting of mass work.

Length: 826mm 
Width: 102mm
Height: 76mm