Engler Viscometer

Engler Viscometer

with digital thermostat to ASTM D940, ASTM D1665, AASHTO T54, BS 2000, NF T66-020, CNR N. 102

British StandardBS 2000
Other StandardsASTM D940, ASTM D1665, AASHTO T54
Approx. Weight (kg)12
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To ASTM D940, ASTM D1665, AASHTO T54 and BS 2000
The Engler Viscometer is used to compare the specific viscosity of road-oils and tars to the viscosity of water.

It consists of:
  • Water bath
  • Digital precision thermo-regulator
  • Electric stirrer
  • Cooling device
  • Engler flask.
  • Dual safety thermostat

Power supply: 230V 50Hz 1ph, 300 W
Dimensions: 265mm x 270mm x 550mm
Weight: 12kg


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A user guide is available to download from the Impact web site www.impact-test.co.uk