Double Bottle Roller

Double Bottle Roller

Double Bottle Roller
double unit to hold 2 bottles
British StandardBS598-102
Other StandardsEN12697-1
Approx. Weight (kg)24
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Bottles, Bungs and Funnel available separately

This unit can be bench or floor mounted. It is of a sturdy construction and designed to rotate 2 bottles from 600ml to 7000ml capacity or 1 bottle of 12000ml capacity.

Bottles shown in image are not inlcuded with roller


BM010 Steel Bottle 600ml capacity - uses bung MH032
BM015 Steel Bottle 2500ml capacity - uses bung MH033
BM020 Steel Bottle 7000ml capacity - uses bung MH033
BM025 Steel Bottle 12000ml capacity - uses bung MH033
BM030 Steel Bottle Funnel, for use with steel bottles BM010, BM015, BM020, BM025