1700 kPa Pressure Transducer

1700 kPa Pressure Transducer

1700 kPa Pressure Transducer
1700 kPa (17bar) Capacity
British StandardBS1377-7
Tariff902610 91 0
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Low Range Stainless Steel Pressure Sensor
  • Sealed to IP65
  • Excellent Chemical and Abrasion Resistance
  • Rugged Construction

Engineered for the measurement of liquid and gas pressures in a diverse range of industrial and specialised applications.
Constructed from stainless steel with a ceramic diaphragm, extremely rugged yet of compact design.

Rated Output:10mV/V
Excitation Voltage:2-32VDC (regulated)
10Vdc nominal excitation
Input Current:<3mA
Output Configuration (No. of Wires):4
Combined Error (Accuracy):<0.25 ±% of Rated Output (<0.10 option on all ranges,)
Zero Balance:>1.0 ±% of Rated Output
Safe Overpressure:150% of pressure range
Temperature Range Compensated:+20 to +80 °C
Temperature Range Operating:-20 to +135 °C
Temperature Effect On Span:<0.015 ±% of Output/°C
Temperature Effect On Zero:<0.04 ±of Rated Output/°C (<0.02 optional on all ranges)
Stability:<0.1 over 12 months ±% of Rated Output
Input Resistance:<11000 ohms
Output Resistance:<200 nom. ohms
Insulation Resistance:>500 Megaohms at 50VDC
Media Compatibility:Any media compatible with Al O Alumina Ceramic, Stainless Steel & seal of choice
(Viton, NBR or EPDM available)
Environmental Protection: IP65

Dimensions in mm