4 Pin Soil Resistance Meter

4 Pin Soil Resistance Meter

4 Pin Soil Resistance Meter
with 4 earth stakes and 3 reels in carrying case to ASTM G57, BS 1377:3 
British StandardBS1377-3
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  • Easy handling due to single button concept
  • Large display with 25mm digits and problem indicator
  • Extremely robust due to protective rubber holster
  • RA 2-Pole measurements - 20k?
  • RA 3-Pole measurements - 20k?
  • RA 4-Pole measurements - 20k?
  • Soil resistivity - 100k?m
  • Waterproof - IP 56

  • Versatile, easy to handle and very robust earth/ground-tester which covers all practical earth test procedures up to soil resistivity measurements. It is designed for electricians, for people who plan or erect earthing or lightning protection systems, for day-to-day usage in rough environments. It has very large digits for optimal readability.


    • Earth resistance measurements of various installations (high voltage pylons, buildings, cell phone substations, RF transmitters, pipelines, tanks etc.)
    • Inspection and planning of lightning protection systems, soil resistivity measurement (e.g. for geological examinations).

    This instrument has been manufactured to comply with quality assurance system DIN ISO 9001. The compliance with the actual EMC-regulations is documented by the attached CE-sign.
    Suited for all earth/ground measurements including those complying to IEC 1024, ENV 61024, DIN VDE 0185, ÖVE-E 49.

    One touch system for ease of operation

    1. Select function
    2. Press START
    3. Read result

    Applied regulations and standards

    • IEC 61557
    • IEC 61010
    • EN 61326
    • IEC 61000
    • IEC 654
    • DIN ISO 9001

    SL366 4 Pin Soil Resistance Meter with Wenner Probe measuring set consists of:

    4 earth stakes
    3 reels with 2x25m and 1x50m wire
    2 measuring leads 1.5 m long with test tips
    2 crocodile clips
    1 carrying strap
    6 batteries
    Operation Manual
    Carrying case

    Click here to view a PDF file with full technical specifications for SL366 4 Pin Soil Resistance Meter