Weighing in Air/Water Frame

Weighing in Air/Water Frame
with tank, cradle & rope winch
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The apparatus consists of a rigid frame, water tank mounted on a movable platform and cradle. The platform is raised and lowered by means of a manually operated rope winch, enabling the user to weight the specimen in air and water without double handling.

The manually operated rope winch the following features:
  • Solid construction via closed housing 
  • Completely galvanized
  • Encapsulated gear 
  • Self-actuating load pressure brake
  • Crank arm continuously adjustable in length
To Lift: Turn the crank clockwise.
To Stop: When releasing the crank the load is safely held in every position.
To Lower: Turn the crank anticlockwise.

Dimensions: 450mm wide x 600mm deep x 1020mm high