MultiSpeed 50KN Load Frame

MultiSpeed 50KN Load Frame

MultiSpeed 50KN Load Frame
Closed loop System C/W Load Cell and LVDT
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Picture shows CBR Mould not included
The test frame has 2 columns and a capacity of 50 kN. It is suitable for CBR test. 100 mm piston stroke.

Load Measurement:
Load, measure and control with Load Cell that can be applied between 2% to 100% of Capacity as class 1 or better accuracy according to the EN-ISO-7500-1 standard.

Displacement Measurement:
The device has a lvdt with measuring length is 25 mm and accuracy as 0.01mm. for displacement measurement.

Servo electromechanic Drive system:
It has precise stepper motor drive mechanism. It can perform precise loads with closed-loop control with mechanic precision gear stepper motor system.

Control Unit:
Control unit of machine is "Sematron Touch ” advanced controller, control unit allows constant displacement increase adjustable 0,1 mm/min - 60 mm/min, 1kHz data acquisition and control capability which allows accuracy in control and reading load, special close loop (PID) control with double loop, automatic gain feature for different sensors, automatic calibration function. The electronic control unit has minimum 2 analogue and 3 digital channels (as optionally). Semi-dynamic applications can be performed at low frequency and amplitudes.

Control Unit Display:
10 inch touch capacitive display, easy-to-adjust user-friendly interface, built-in USB port to directly receive results directly from the LCD screen without using Pc and internet connection to control unit via external USB port to enable LCD control unit to communicate with computer, (optional, mini printer support and compatible with all HP printers), software update via USB, ability to save test results in excell and pdf format, print results directly from LCD (Optional, mini printer support and compatible with all HP printers) The connection between the Lcd and the controller (Sematron Touch Series) is achieved via CAN bus, all measurement units available (N, kN, mode etc.), automatic reset before test, high accuracy and stability control, but s password protected calibration menu, characterized by adding the information to the user-defined reports.

Computer Software:
The test system is provided with Universal Computer Test Software which allows computer and device control. The computer software provides the same features and menus as the control unit screen, the data can be saved on the computer. The computer software communicates with the control unit via USB.


CBR Mould & Piston Fixtures

Moulds have to be ordered seperatly according to standards.
Moulds to BS 1377:4 and ASTM D1883 available upon request.


Code Details/Standards
SL078 CBR pistont for SL504
SL081 CBR stabalizing bracket for SL504




Cement Flexural Fixture


Code Details/Standards
CE450 Flexural device for 40.1mm x 40mm x160mm prisms conforms to EN196-1
CE454 Flexural device for 40mm x 40mm x 160mm prisms conforms to ASTM C348
CE457 Loading piece for flexural/compression for SL504.




Cement Compesssion Fixture


Code Details/Standards
CE451 Compesssion device for 50mm and 2 inch cubes and 50mm cylinders conforms to ASTM C109
CE452 Compesssion device 40.1mm x 40mm x 160mm broken prisms conforms to DIN 1164
CE453 Compesssion device for 70.7mm cubes and 70mm cylinders conforms to BS 4550
CE455 Compesssion device for 40.1mm x 40mm x 160mm broken prisms conforms to EN196-1, ASTM C349, NF P15-451, EN/ISO 679 Standards




Marshall Stability Test

Conform to standards BS598-107 EN12697-34, ASTM D1559, AASHTO T245.


Code Details/Standards
BM245 Breaking head for 100mm/4 inch samples conforms to BS598-107. Requires flow gauge and flow gauge stand.
BM246 Breaking head for 6 inch samples requires flow gauge and flow gauge stand.
BM247 Marshall Flow Gauge Stand for flow gauge or transducer.