Automatic Console with 10" touch screen and 150kN Flexural Frame

Automatic Console with 10" touch screen and 150kN Flexural Frame

Automatic Console with 10" touch screen and 150kN Flexural Frame
This product combines CT771 & CT840
Complete with bearers
Other StandardsEN1340 & EN1339
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Software provides test data, results, and the load-time/stress-time graphs can be seen at LCD screen and also can be saved or not according to requirement with an specific name at the end of the test.

Controller Features:

The controller unit can read and control all types of sensors such as LVDT, strain gauge, load cell and pressure transducers with high precision.
User can calibrate each attached sensor and set PID values separately.
Controller unit allows Automatic Calibration and adjustment up-to 12 points.

Users can:
  • Perform ordinary compression tests with desired pace rate and high precision.
  • Hold the load at any desired point for a specific time
  • Perform Module of Elasticity tests according to different standards. (This option need LVDTs to read strain)
This unit can be supplied with 4 channels if specified at the time of order and at extra cost - contact Impact for details.

General Features of the Data Acquisition and Control System:

  • Capacitive 10" touch screen.
  • 2 USB ports to obtain results directly from LCD without use of pc.
  • Accurate loading with high accuracy.
  • User can attach internet modem directly to LCD controller through LAN cable.
  • User can email results directly from LCD by using internet.
  • User can update test software by using internet.
  • LCD has Linux based test software.
  • Automatic calibration and adjustment up-to 12 points.
  • 1000Hz (1kH) data acquisition speed of each channel.
  • Results in pdf can be converted in Excel.
  • LCD controller has 4GB built-in data storage space and supports up-to 32GB.
  • All type of printers can be attached directly to LCD without PC. And user can take print out of results.
  • User friendly, easy to customized.
  • Communication with PC through LAN cable. Etc.

Flexural / Bending Fixture:

The machine is supplied with a Flexural/bending fixture including support rollers, adjustable upper supports and support spacer for thinner samples.


Load Capacity
Frame Type
Rigid Frame in 2 Column construction
Adjustable Upper Roller 110 – 400mm
Adjustable Lower Roller 200 – 1100mm
Vertical Daylight 170mm
Piston Stroke 100mm