Digital Vacuum Gauge

Digital Vacuum Gauge

Operating pressure range 0-12,000 microns

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Dual port, high resolution, fast response digital vacuum gauge with convenient magnetic HVAC strap.

  • Reads vacuum in seven international units
  • Magnetic strap
  • Ultra fine resolution
  • Auto shut-off
  • Display updates every 1/2 second
  • Convenient built-in hanger
  • Easy to clean sensor (use isopropyl alcohol)
  • Low battery indicator

Operating pressure range 0-12,000 microns
Resolution 1 micron when vacuum is less than or equal to 200 microns
Sensor type Thermistor
Accuracy +/- 10% (100-1000 microns)
Units Microns, mbar, Pa, Torr, mTorr, psi, inHG
Operating temperature range 35°F to 125°F (2°C to 52°C)
Maximum overpressure 500 psi (34 Bar)
Connector type Standard 1/4” male flared fitting
Power Source 9 V battery (not included)
Battery life 40 hours
Auto shut off After 10 Minutes when vacuum reading is above 12,000 microns (12 Torr)