Concrete Filter Press and accessories

Concrete Filter Press and accessories

for determining the water retention ability of fresh concrete under pressure

Approx. Weight (kg)11.6
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Concrete filter press consisting of:

  • Test sieve
  • 50ml Plastic measuring cylinder
  • 250ml Plastic measuring cup
  • 250mm Aluminium laboratory shovel 
  • Digital stopwatch
  • Filter paper (100 pieces per pack)

Measuring principle

The applied pressure for carrying out the test with the CE562 Concrete Filter Press was set to 5 bar, which is kept constant over a period of 5 minutes. Depending on the requirements and experience, it may be necessary to screen the coarse-grained concrete to be examined to a maximum of 8 mm. According to internal experience, this screening can usually be dispensed with up to a maximum diameter of 20 mm.

Measured data

Due to the numerous experiences with the CE562 concrete fi lter press and in particular the international application, a matrix has now been created which refl ects the following guide values for the fresh concrete stability of the special deep-casting concrete:

Filtration water


  • High requirements ≤ 22 ml
  • Medium requirements ≤ 40 ml
  • Low requirements ≤ 60 ml

Filter cake

The filter cake produced in the test provides additional information on the suitability of the fresh concrete. A low filter cake height and a soft filter cake is advantageous.


net: 11.6kg 

gross: 13.3kg