Rapid Chloride Test Kit - RCT

Rapid Chloride Test Kit - RCT

for testing acid-soluble chlorides in hardened and fresh concrete

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On-site, accurate and quick test for the chloride content of concrete.

  • Establish the chloride profile for service life estimation
  • Establish the depth of removal of a chloride contaminated surface layer
  • Monitor the chloride content during electrochemical removal of chlorides
  • Measure the chloride content of fresh concrete and/or its constituents


Test Method

A sample of concrete is obtained by drilling/grinding from the structure, or from the fresh concrete, mixed into a distinct amount of extraction liquid and shaken for five minutes. The extraction liquid removes disturbing ions, e.g. sulphide ions, and extracts the chloride ions in the sample.

A calibrated electrode is submerged into the solution to determine the amount of chlorides expressed as percentage of concrete mass.

The test is either the RCT (Rapid Chloride Test) for acid soluble chlorides, or the RCTW (Rapid Chloride Test Water) for water-soluble chlorides, using different kinds of extraction liquids. 

Both hardened and fresh concrete can be tested with the system for chlorides.