Volumetair Roller Air Meter

Volumetair Roller Air Meter

complete with accessories and case

Other StandardsAASHTO T196
Approx. Weight (kg)8.62
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Plastic rolling volumetric air meter used for the rolling method of measuring entrained air in any concrete, performing well with lightweight mixes.

This ultra lightweight and easy-to-use instrument is manufactured from PVC and fibreglass reinforced plastic. The unit consists of a base and top housing, which fit together with a leakproof O-Ring seal and stainless steel over-center clamp assembly. It is supplied complete with the meter, funnel, syringe, tamper, calibration cup, mallet, strike-off bar and plastic carrying case. 

The plastic materials used in the construction of this unit not only make it lightweight; but also allow the user to use water for clean-up and small amounts of muriatic acid for periodic cleaning. The sight tube has a range of 0 to 9% and the base volume is 134 cu. in. (2200ml)

Dimensions: 184mm diameter x 686mm high

Shipping Weight: 8.62kg