200kN Digital Multi-Test Frame with servo-controlled Load or Displacement Strain

200kN Digital Multi-Test Frame with servo-controlled Load or Displacement Strain

for compression, flexural and tensile testing of Asphalt, Steel, Concrete, Cement, Wood, Plastic etc. with appropriate accessories

Approx. Weight (kg)820
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Electromechanical 200kN frame with touch screen control.

  • Compression Testing
  • Flexural Testing
  • Tensile Testing

For testing civil engineering and construction materials with a servo-controlled system for Load or Displacement/Strain.

Suitable for testing:

Roads (Marshall, Duriez, CBR etc.), Steel, Concrete, Cement, Wood, Plastic, etc.

The SL501 consists of a sturdy two column base unit containing the transmission components and hardware control instruments. The two columns are manufactured from high resistance steel with ground hard chrome surfacing.

The height of the upper crosshead can be adjusted to hold accessories necessary to perform specific tests.

The lower mobile crosshead is operated by a recirculating ball screw and rotating lead. The servo-controlled motor ensures the correct application of load and constant speed.

The load is applied by a mechanical jack activated by a microprocessor controlled brushless closed-loop motor with optical encoder.

Both crossheads have couplings to fix a range of compatible test devices.

Stress is measured by a load cell; the measurement and displacement control of the crosshead is achieved by using the integral touch screen control.

Electric limit switches on the upper mobile crosshead are provided prevent accidental damage.


  • The SL501 is complete with touch screen control with colour display. This runs on the Windows operating system for management and analysis of the data, test results and graphs.
  • The touch screen control uses an icon based interface for easy set up of parameters and immediate performance of tests.
  • The SL501can be connected to a PC for remote test execution using suitable Software, but the inclusive touch screen control will do the same job as a PC.
  • Direct connection to a LAN (local area network) and the internet can establish remote communications to receive diagnostic analysis from technicians or software updates.
  • There is unlimited memory storage with: 2 USB ports, 1 SD card slot and a RS232/485 serial port.
  • The user can select different languages.


Maximum load
200kN (both Compression and Tensile)
Maximum vertical daylight 900mm - without accessories
Maximum vertical daylight 800mm - with compression platens
Compression platens diameter 216mm (upper platen on ball seat)
Distance between columns 650mm
Crosshead travel +/- 200 mm (400 mm total)
Testing speed from 0.01 to 100 mm/min
Load rate from 1 N/s to 5 kN/s
Displacement resolution 0.01 mm with accuracy better than 0.2%
Machine class 1
Power supply 230V 50Hz 1ph - 850W
Dimensions 950mm x 560mm x 2400mm
Weight 820kg

The SL501 is supplied complete with:

Electric 200kN capacity load cell, crosshead displacement device, upper platen with ball seating and lower compression platen.

Accessories and software for specific tests are not included and must be ordered separately.

Note: The machine can be equipped with intermediate load cells to the maximum capacity of 200kN, to satisfy specific test requirements.