Compression/Tension Machine 1500/500kN with touch screen control

Compression/Tension Machine 1500/500kN with touch screen control

for tensile tests on steel bars and compression test on cubes and cylinders

British StandardBS 1610
Other StandardsASTM C39, ASTM E4, AASHTO T22, EN 1002, EN ISO 6892-1, EN7500-1, EN 15630-1
Approx. Weight (kg)1200
Tariff902490 00 0
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The TS500 is used to carry out tensile tests on 4mm - 26mm diameter steel reinforced bars and flat bars with maximum dimensions of 25mm x 1 mm. The TS500 can also be used for compression test on concrete cubes up to 150mm and cylinders with a maximum dimensions of 160mm diameter x 320mm long.

The double action loading piston, is rectified and lapped. The piston is protected from damage by a security device which limits the maximum and minimum stroke. The hydraulic selector allows the operator to choose either a tensile or a compression test. The jaw holders are manufactured from a single block of high resistance steel. The auto-clamping "V” form ensures a quick and practical location of the specimen, whilst the grip locking system ensures safe bar handling after failure.
The machine is supplied with pair of jaw-holders, but without hardened jaws and accessories for tensile and compression tests, which must be ordered separately
  • Display LCD, TFT, 800x480 pixel, 7’’, touch-screen
  • Touch screen calibration function
  • Dedicated electronic board to improve load application control and display interface
  • Membrane keypad with 5 in line arrows for the user who prefers not to use the touch screen interface
  • 16 (expandable up to 40) analogue inputs (24 bit, 16'777'216 divisions) suitable for connection of load, displacement, deformation, LVDT, temperature (PT100, PT1000, NTC) and strain gauge (by using an external adapter) transducers
  • 8 channels and 10 profiles, i.e. 80 possible configurations with no need to enter calibration steps at each
  • Control frequency: up to 1KHz
  • Sampling frequency: up to 2 kHz
  • The digital controller is a computer and works on Windows CE based system
  • Controller’s firmware is a program with Apps that can be added in any moment or be easily updated through the USB with no need to uninstall or move the controller
  • Possibility to store and upload anytime specimen profiles
  • Selectable sampling rate between 1 Hz and 20 Hz (5 levels)
  • 1 microSD internal port + 2 USB ports for memory and connection of: mouse, laser printer, keyboard and laser barcode reader
  • Completely automatic oil discharge
  • Instant visualization of load and deformation
  • Visualization of graph, load and deformation in real time
  • Semi-automatic configuration and calibration of all transducers connected
  • Automatic calculation and visualization of all the results according to the Standard
  • Setting of all the parameters for test: alarms, zero threshold, end test percentage, calculation parameters
  • Time/date and language selection (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish and others)
  • Unlimited file for each type of test
  • Informative messages (planning alarms, load cell and strain transducer setting, etc.)
  • Safety function for automatic machine stop when maximum load or maximum strain/deformation is reached
  • Ethernet port for remote control through PC
  • Possible upgrade to control up to 4 frames

Maximum tensile load 500 kN
Maximum compression load 1500 kN
Distance between jaws min. 345 mm - max. 445 mm
Distance between compression platens 337 mm
Distance between columns 310 mm
Piston stroke 120 mm
Precision and repeatability ± 1% of read value
Power supply 230V 50Hz 1ph 750 W
Dimensions 830mm x 530mm x 2000mm
Weight 1200 kg