Ring Shear Apparatus (Bromhead)

Ring Shear Apparatus (Bromhead)

with stand & data acquisition to BS1377-7 & ASTM D6467

British StandardBS1377-7
Other StandardsASTM D6467
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This Ring Shear Apparatus (Bromhead) is a torsional shear device, which produces accurate and repeatable test results to determine the residual shear strength of cohesive soils, which is particularly important when assessing slope stability.

The apparatus features a digital display and control panel and can be computer controlled through the USB port. It is supplied on a floor mounted frame for stability. A consolidation load is applied to the annular ring sample through a lever arm. Rotational shear displacement is applied to the sample by a microprocessor controlled stepper motor, through a fixed ratio gearbox, and measured by a pair of load rings.

The rotational shearing action is applied continuously until a constant residual strength value is achieved. The advantages of a ring shear machine are that there is no change in the area of the cross section of the shear plane as the test proceeds, and the sample can be sheared through an uninterrupted displacement of any magnitude, making it very suitable for determining the residual strength of clays.
Image shows items such as load rings that are not included.
Please refer to note below for details.

Apparatus Features:

  • Digital display and control panel
  • Lever loading actuation of normal stress via dead weights
  • Partial or complete test automation using software SL861 (available separately)
Please Note that this is the apparatus, stand & data acquisition only.
The items listed below are not included.

Not included in SL860 Ring Shear Aparatus (Bromhead)

Interface Top Cap Assembly, Load Rings, Dial Gauges, Junction Box, Weights & Software (SL861)
Sample Size 100 mm outside diameter x 70 mm inside diameter x 5 mm thick
Speed Range 0.0001 degrees/min to 900 degrees/min
Maximum Shear Stress 1000 kPa
Maximum Normal Stress 1000 kPa
Dimensions (W x D x H) 1335mm x 380mm x 1400mm
Electrical Requirement 90-240 Volts, 50/60Hz 1ph