250kN Autologging Plate Load Tester with UKAS calibration

250kN Autologging Plate Load Tester with UKAS calibration

Wireless Automatic Plate Load Test System to BS 1377 supplied with UKAS calibration certificate for the load cell

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The PLATEMAN brings the standard Plate Load Test up to date at last, with benefits for both users and clients in terms of rapid testing, instant results and accurate measurements. The PLATEMAN is a battery powered, wireless, auto logging test system complete with reporting software.

Test results are viewed in real time as the test progresses and results can be viewed instantly on site. The operator simply enters the required load, the number of increments and cycles and presses the go button. The handheld rugged PDA then prompts the operator when to increase the load and when to hold and release it.

Load and displacement measurements are recorded using wireless load cell and digital displacement transducers and transmitted to the PDA in real time. The operator never has to enter the potentially dangerous area below the reaction load to take readings. After the test is completed, the data can be analysed and re-viewed instantly on site, including calculation of estimated CBR.

The Rugged PDA can also be used to record other site information if required and includes a GPS feature to log test positions. Check system are in place throughout the test, to ensure that the plate is bedded in and is not tilting.

The system includes a lightweight, modular, adjustable height, reference beam, that the transducers and wireless connection module hang off. This is easily transportable around site speeding up the testing process.

Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight modular reference beam is easily transportable
  • Rugged PDA in protective case enables testing in all weathers
  • User friendly PC reporting software for personalised and rapid reporting of results
  • Real-Time data presentation and load application prompts for reliable test data
  • BS1377: Part 9: 1990 Compliant
  • Supplied with UKAS calibration certificate for the load cell & traceable certificate for the LVDT


Data is downloaded to a PC using the PLATEMAN PC software, which analyses data and produces detailed test reports, that can be printed out or transmitted electronically to the client.

Lightweight Reference Beam

The standard 3m reference beam is manufactured from aluminium with zinc plated steel legs and support bar for up to 4 displacement transducers. It is supplied in a wooden case. 0.5m short extension are available and beam height is adjustable to 3 positions.


Rugged PDA Unit
A532 Getac Rugged PDA Complete with a high sensitivity GPS receiver, E-Compass, altimeter and a 3M pixels
auto-focus camera, built-in Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.
Memory : RAM Memory: 128 MB
Storage : Flash ROM: 2GB
SD Card Slot : for removable memory cards.
Display : 3.5 in VGA 65K colour Transflective TFT-LCD with LED backlight.
Bati�ery Type: 3.7V, 2400 mAh Li-Ion
Bati�ery Life:
~8 hours, application dependent.
Quick Charge: 2hrs charging time to 80%,
3.5 hrs charging time to 100%
Dimension & Weight : 144 x 82 x 29 mm,
300 g.
Operating Temperature : - 20°C to 60°C
Rain & Dust Resistance : IP65
Displacement: Linear Position sensor
Type: Linear potentiometer Stroke: 50mm
Resolution: virtually infinite
Operating temp: -30 to 100 deg C
Load: Compression load cell
Rated load: 250kN
Non‐linearity : < 0.25% of rated load
Operating temp: -20 to 70 deg C
Environmental protection: IP67
Bluetooth PLATEMAN - Data Acquisition and Transducer Power
Supply Unit

Li-Ion rechargeable
Battery Life: 8hrs+ operation on full charge
Battery Charge Time: Approx 8Hrs
Power/Charger: External wall plug-in adapter for 110-240VAC inputs. External cigar plug -in charger for 12-32VDC inputs
Calibration: Transducers and acquisition system are calibrated using reference equipment traceable to UK national standards (UKAS). The recommended re-calibration interval is 1 year.

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A user guide is available to download from the Impact web site www.impact-test.co.uk