Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath, 25L for 350mm sieves

Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath, 25L for 350mm sieves

accommodating sieves of up to 350mm

Approx. Weight (kg)16
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Ultrasonic cleaning baths use cavitation to remove dirt from objects that are immersed in the cleaning liquid. Cavitation is the sequential formation and collapse of vapour bubbles and voids in a liquid subjected to acoustic energy at high frequency and intensity. Cavitation occurs wherever the liquid penetrates, ensuring that the smaller and larger aperture sieves are cleaned equally well. Ultrasonic baths are particularly suitable for fine mesh sieves and fragile items such as glassware.

The 25 litre cleaning bath has an internal diameter of 410mm and a height of 200mm, accommodating sieves of up to 350mm diameter.

Cleaning baths are manufactured from stainless steel, supplied complete with a 0 - 99 minute timer, lid and discharge valve. The ultrasonic generator is suitable for continuous operation.


Capacity: 25 litres
Maximum sieve diameter: 350mm 
Timer: 0 - 99 minutes
Frequency: 35 kHz
Rating: 600W
Power supply: 230V 50/60Hz 1ph
Weight: 16kg