Munsell Rock Colour Chart

Munsell Rock Colour Chart

for field use

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The Rock Color Chart provides a durable, accurate method for classifying and judging rocks sample. Each book comes with over 115 Munsell Color Standards each with its correct ISCC-NBS color name and unique Munsell alpha-numeric notation. Easily and accurately communicate the exact color information of your rock samples by using the Munsell Color Standards contained in the Rock-Color Chart. This chart is primarily for field use and indicates the range of rock colors for all purposes and is accurate for wet or dry samples. Although the chart is mainly used to assign values to medium to finegrained rocks, it can also be used to describe coarse-grained rocks as well. The Munsell Rock-Color Chart is a revision of the previously published Geological Society of America (GSA) Rock-Color Chart.


Durable binder contains 115 Munsell Color Standards
• Featuring ISCC-NBS color names
• Munsell alpha-numeric notation
Color produced on water resistant substrate

Features Munsell notations for each color providing:
• Value (degree of lightness)
• Hue (color)
• Chroma (degree of saturation)
Used with medium, finegrained, and coarse-grained rocks
Pages are cleanable and can be exposed to standard environmental conditions in the field