Fully Automatic Laboratory Vane Tester

Fully Automatic Laboratory Vane Tester

with data acquisition and evaluation system

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Laboratory Vane Tester which provides a wide measuring range of the shear stress. 


  • Fully automatic controlled laboratory vane tester including complete data acquisition and evaluation system
  • Determination of the shear strength of un-drained soft to stiff soils
  • Test runs are completely reproducible
  • Electronic control system with digital display and foil-keyboard for semi-automatic use by integrated control panel or fully automatic by PC with operating system Windows, control and evaluating software C 2090 W/32
  • Highly precise stepless and load-independent control of the shear rate
  • Automatic recording of the shear resistance (torque) against the displacement (angle)
  • Unlimited shear displacement and automatic speed alternation according to default parameter (angle, failure or time), in order to observe the influence of the pore water pressure on drained and un-drained samples
  • Input of the vane size leads to automatic shear force conversion
  • Continuous on screen observation of the shear resistance in a force-displacement diagram
  • Complete data evaluation and print out with diagram on every commercial printer
  • All standard vanes are applicable (special sizes available)