Double Ring Infiltrometer

Double Ring Infiltrometer

to ASTM D3385

Other StandardsASTM D3385
Approx. Weight (kg)72.5
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The Double Ring Infiltrometer can be used in bot the field and the laboratory. 
Two stainless steel rings measure 304.8mm and 609.6mm diameter x 508mm high. The rings have a double thick welded top edge for increased stability when driving into the soil. A mariotte tube provides a constant head of water for flow tests. 
Graduations on the side of the tube are used to determine flow rate. The sealed adjusting tube raises or lowers the head inside the infiltrometer ring. Main flow valve in base platform, bleed valve next to adjusting tube seal. 

Includes: 12.7mm thick aluminium driving cap with centering pins; two 152.4mm square neoprene splash guards; and two mariotte tubes with 3,000 ml and 10,000 ml capacities. 

Complies with ASTM D3385. 

Dimensions: 813mm x 610mm x 915mm
Weight. 72.5kg