Lombardi Plate Cohesion Meter

Lombardi Plate Cohesion Meter

with 300mm long handle

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Used for determining the flow or cohesion of grout.

It consists of a 3mm thick 100mm x 10mm steel plate with a 300mm long handle. Grooves are cut into both sides of the plate to give it a rough surface.


  1. Weigh the plate
  2. Immerse the plate in the grout and then weigh it again.
  3. Subtract the initial weight from the final weight to calculate the weight of grout stuck to the plate.
  4. Divide the weight of grout by the area of the plate to obtain the weight per unit area. The weight per unit area is divided by the specific weight of the grout to determine the thickness of grout that stuck to the plate. This thickness, when converted to mm, is the cohesion (Deere and Lombardi 1985).