Tag Open-Cup Viscometer (Flash Point)

Tag Open-Cup Viscometer (Flash Point)

to ASTM D1310 - ASTM D3143

Other StandardsASTM D1310, ASTM D3143
Approx. Weight (kg)6
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For the determination of open cup flash points of volatile flammable materials having flash points between 0 and 175 °F.

Supplied complete with 
  • cup
  • water bath
  • thermoregulated heating device
  • thermometers
    • ASTM 9C -5 to +110°C 
    • ASTM 57C -20 to +50°C.

Power supply: 230V  50Hz 1ph - 600 W
Dimensions: 200mm x 300mm x 400mm
Weight: 6 kg