Bohme Abrasion Tester

Bohme Abrasion Tester

to EN 1338:2004 - EN1339 - EN 1340 - EN 13892-3 - EN 14157 - DIN 52108

Approx. Weight (kg)250
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To measure a volume loss in a specimen under abrasion test.

Used for:

  • paving stones
  • concrete slabs
  • slabs made of natural rocks
  • natural stone slabs

The apparatus consists of:

  • cast iron horizontal disc with a speed of 30 rpm and a diameter of 750mm, furnished with a 200mm test track to position a specimen.
  • separate control panel with digital revolution counter with automatically stops the test after preset revolutions
  • specimen’s holder
  • adjustable charger used to produce a force of 294 N ± 3 N on a specimen

Test Procedure:

Before doing a test, the specimen’s bulk density is established by measuring weight and thickness.
Normalised abrasive is spread on the test track and the specimen is positioned in the Bohme Abrasion Tester.
The apparatus rotates the grinding wheel, submitting the specimen to the abrasive load of 294N for a specified number of cycles. The test test is performed for 16 cycles composed of 22 turns each.
At the end of the test, the wear is calculated as an average loss in volume and weight.

Power supply: 230V 50Hz 1PH 800 W
Dimension: 1500mm x 1000mm x 850mm high
Weight: 250 kg