Abrasion Tester For Natural Stone/Tile

Abrasion Tester For Natural Stone/Tile

to UNI EN ISO 1338 - 1339 - 1342 - 14157

British StandardEN1338
Other StandardsEN1341
Approx. Weight (kg)90
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Laboratory instrument to determine the resistance to deep abrasion in cement, concrete and natural stone obtained by means of a steel disc 200mm diameter x 70mm and abrasive material - as corundum grain size F80 - that falls between the disc and the specimen.

  • Steel structure powder and epoxy painted.
  • Transparent plexiglas safety protection.
  • Control flow abrasive outlet: 2,5 lt./minute (adjustable).
  • Steel disc Ø 200 x 70 mm.
  • Hardness 203÷245 HB.
  • Supply: 230 V - 50/60 Hz single phase

Dimensions: 560mm x 620mm x 1000mm
Power: 0.25 Kw
Weight: 90kg