Skid Resistance Tester (original)

Skid Resistance Tester (original)

for laboratory and in situ road surface testing to EN 1097-8:2009, BS 812 Pt. 114. AS/NZS 4586:1999, BS 6077 Pt 1, BS 7044, BS 7188, BS 8204, BS 7976, EN 1436 : 1997, EN 13036-4:2003, ASTM E303

British StandardBS812-114
Other StandardsEN1097-8
Approx. Weight (kg)30
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The Skid Resistance & Friction Tester is suitable for both site and laboratory applications to perform tests to the following standards:
  • BS 812 Pt. 114
  • BS EN 1097-8 Determination of Polished Stone Value
  • AS/NZS 4586:1999 Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials
  • BS 6077 Pt 1 Clay and calcium silicate pavers for flexible pavements.
  • BS 7044 Artificial sports surfaces: person/surface interaction.
  • BS 7188 Impact absorbing playground surfaces
  • BS 8204 In-situ flooring, part 3 Code of practice for polymer modified cementitious wearing surfaces.
  • ASTM E303 Standard Method for - Measuring Surface Frictional Properties Using British Pendulum
  • BS 7976 Method of operation and calibration of the pendulum tester.
  • EN 1436 : 1997 Road Marking Materials BS EN 13036-4:2003 Road and Airfield surface characteristics
Most recently its uses include the testing of astro turf and wooden decking.
The Skid Tester measures the frictional resistance between a rubber slider mounted on the end of a pendulum arm and the test surface. This provides highway and flooring engineers with a routine method of checking the resistance of wet and dry surfaces to slipping and skidding.

It is based on the Izod principle: a pendulum rotates about a spindle attached to a vertical pillar. At the end of the tubular arm a head of known mass is fitted with a rubber slider. The pendulum is released from a horizontal position so that it strikes the sample surface with a constant velocity. The distance travelled by the head after striking the sample is determined by the friction of the sample surface. A reading of Skid Resistance is obtained.

The skid tester is supplied complete with:

  • Carrying Case - Sturdy case with dense foam inserts giving excelent protection
  • 'F' Scale - Built in, for use with small slider set for 76mm slide length. (PSV test)
  • Low friction arm, and lightweight pointer
  • Set of 4 sliders (large or small) - Built in, for use with small slider set for 76mm slide length. (PSV test)
  • 125-127mm setting gauge - used to set slide length for road / floor testing
  • Brush - For removing unwanted dirt or grit from area to be tested
  • C Spanner- For attaching and releasing arm to rotating head
  • 17mm Spanner -For fitting rear foot
  • Allen Keys - For various adjustments
  • Water Spray Bottle - For wetting surface to be tested
  • Feet pads - For placing under levelling feet when on soft ground
  • Operating Instructions - A guide to road, floor and PSV testing
  • Calibration Certificate - Despatched calibrated to BS EN1097-8: 2000 (accredited under ISO 9001:2000)
Dimensions: W x D x H 700 x 300 x 700mm
Weight: 32 kg

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