Heavy Duty Platform Balance 150kg capacity x 5g

Heavy Duty Platform Balance 150kg capacity x 5g

Readability 5g
* External Calibration *

Approx. Weight (kg)31
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User Selectable Parameters

  • Internal Count Value, all Display Segment, Capacity x Division Check
  • Date and Date Format Check/Set
  • Time Check/Set
  • System Initialization
  • Auto Power Off Time x 6
  • Backlight Brightness x 9
  • Independent Enable/Disable Weight Units x 3.
  • Filter Intensity Mode x 6
  • Animal Function, Auto Tare, Repeated Tare, Keypad Buzzer, Check Buzzer, Enable/Disable
  • Serial Ports Settings
  • Print Formats for Weighing, Counting, Percentage Animal weighing and Check Mode
  • Near Zero Function Set
  • Calibration & Parameters Check

Platform Specification
Capacity 150kg
Division 5g
Platform size 500mm x 400mm x 140mm
Indicator Specification
Capacity x Division Free Setting. Support Single and Dual Weighing Range
Weight Units Metric (kg and g) and Imperial (lb)
Internal Resolution / Stability 3.2 million (compressed from 16 million) / +1ppm
Tare Range - Max (Subtractive Tare)
Display · 6 x 1-inch Wide Angle LCD Numeric Digits
· Capacity Tracking Bar to Show Applied & Remaining Capacity
Date Time Built-in Real Time Clock
Communication Ports / Connection Supports · 2 x Independent RS232 Port (Serial and TTL),
· 1 x Control Output Port (PLC and Relays Control)
Support Communication with: - PC, Receipt Printer, LP-50 Label Printer, Remote Display, Relays, PLC, and other Peripherals
Load Cell Excitation Voltage 5V DC
Load Cell Connection Supports both 4-wire and 6-wire Load Cell System
Maximum Load Cell Connection 12 x 350Ω / 24 x 700Ω Load Cells
Power Sources · Built-in Rechargeable Battery = 6V, 4AH
· External Power Adaptor = DC 12V , 1A
Battery Recharging & Protection Intelligent Digital Controlled Progressive Charging System
Accessories Rechargeable Battery, Backlight, Pillar Mount Holder (ψ35~38mm), Universal Power Adaptor Plugs x 4
Operation Environment -10 ~ 40oC. Non-condensed. R.H.≦ 85%