Lime Reactivity Test Apparatus to EN459-2

Lime Reactivity Test Apparatus to EN459-2

complete with stirrer, stand and accessories to EN 459-2

British StandardEN459-2
Approx. Weight (kg)10
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Used for determining the reactivity on slaking of ground quicklime.

The equipment consists of a 1000ml capacity Dewar vessel complete with cover, 300rpm electric stirrer, paddle, base, stand and a digital thermometer -50° to 200° C x 0.1° C.

Power: 230V 50Hz 1ph
Dimensions: 400mm x 250mm x 750mm

LED overhead stirrer (Comes with stand)

Vol. max.(water)
50-2200 rpm
Max. torque
40 Ncm
Max. viscosity
10000 mPas
Rod size (ØxL)
14x220 mm

T-shaped digital thermometer

with AISI 316stainless steel penetration probe
It offers an ergonomic design and delivers high accuracy measurements over a wide temperature range.
CAL Check™
Tem. -50.0 to 220°C
Tem. Res 0.1°C (-50.0 to 199.9°C); 1°C (200 to 220°C)

Dewar vase

1L D.77mm openable
Dim: 12.5x12.5x31.5cm

Cap for openable DEWAR vessel

with central reservationfor thermometer.

Propeller / Blade

65x25mm on 8x500mm rod EN 459-2