Fixed Point Methylene Chloride Monitor with Alarm

Fixed Point Methylene Chloride Monitor with Alarm

with large LCD display, visual and audible alarms

British StandardBS598-107
Other StandardsEN12697-35
Approx. Weight (kg)0.4
Tariff901580 19 0
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The BM350 is designed primarily for use in blacktop Laboratories, to monitor the process of bitumen binder recovery from road materials, and alert the user to flask bung failures, leaks in the Methylene Chloride supply system, or fume extraction failures. It is also suitable for use in still recovery rooms as a leak detector. The BM350 Methylene Chloride Monitor offers a robust, easy to use, cost effective approach to providing a gas monitoring system where safety matters. 

The monitor is housed in a fibreglass housing that is weather and corrosion resistant.  It is suitable for installation where general equipment is in use. The housing door is hinged on the left side and is secured on the right with one latch. The display screen and status lights are visible through the transparent hinged cover. Optional mounting feet can be fixed to the back panel for vertical mounting. 

The alarm buzzer is located at the bottom of the unit and is on the left side of the power input. The gas sensor element is located on the bottom of the unit on the far left hand side. (or on a 3M or 5M trailing cable).

  • Large LCD display indicates vapour level. 
  • Concentration of Vapour is displayed in either parts per million (ppm) or milligrams per cubic meter (mg/m3 ), depending on your specific requirements. 
  • Both audible and visual alarms - Alarm level is set at manufacture to customers requirements 

The monitor incorporates three fuses one domestic 3 amp plug head fuse, and one internal circuit board mounted 1A time delay fuse, and one 2A fuse to protect the alarm relay. 

If required an external alarm or device can be connected to the unit to provide other warnings of alarm level see installation instructions for more detail. 

The monitor is very easy to operate and requires no specialist knowledge or training. 

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A user guide is available to download from the Impact web site