Vertical Core Drill

Vertical Core Drill

with 5HP petrol engine

Approx. Weight (kg)135
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Heavy duty, compact and reliable core drill with a drilling depth of 550mm and an ability to drill cores up to 200mm diameter. The motor is advanced by a rack system with a built-in water swivel to cool the diamond bit. The steel base is equipped with wheels for easy movement, together with four levelling and stabilising feet. All moving parts are cadmium plated for rust protection.
The core drill is supplied complete except for the bits & adaptors which are available separately depending upon the drilling application.

MH075 is a 5HP petrol driven core drill. This rugged, compact and portable machine with vertical screw feed, is used for pavement core sampling where it is not easy to access electrical power.

  • Petrol engine: 5 HP power, 4-cycle Briggs & Stratton model
  • Dimensions: 850mm x 580mm x 1230mm
  • Weight: 135kg

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A user guide is available to download from the Impact web site