De-Aired Water System

De-Aired Water System

8 litre capacity
BS1377-7, BS1377-8

British StandardBS1377-8
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De-aired water is an essential requirement where pore pressure needs to be measured, as any dissolved air in the water may lead to errors in pore pressure readings.

The SL650 de-aired water system provides a rapid means of removing dissolved gases from fluids, at a much higher rate than through conventional heating/boiling methods. It consists of a holding tank, which can be evacuated using either a vacuum pump or a water-powered aspirator. Water, is drawn into the tank where it is agitated violently by a rotating impeller, causing cavitation, nucleation and the rapid expulsion of the dissolved gasses. It can also be used with other fluids to remove dissolved gasses.


Capacity8 litres
Power Supply240V 50Hz or 120V 60Hz
Power Consumption14 watts
Vacuum Requirements750mm Hg, (12 Torr), or better
Degassing Purity0.6 ppm
Dimensions L x W x H190 × 190 × 600mm