Automatic Soils Compactor to BS

Automatic Soils Compactor to BS

with interchangeable rammers and adjustable drop to BS 1377:4

British StandardBS1377-4
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The Automatic Soils Compactor is supplied with interchangeable rammer feet and has two stroke lengths which means that it can be used to carry out all normal compaction operations required in soil testing laboratories.

It is capable of both light and heavy compaction using either 100mm or 150mm diameter compaction moulds. The height of drop of the 50mm rammer can be set either at 300mm or 450mm as per requirements.

The automatic compactor is provided with a standard rammer weighing 2.5kg for conducting light compaction and its weight can be increased to 4.5kg for heavy compaction test by attaching additional rods supplied. When using the 100mm dia meter mould the rammer carriage is locked in one position and the total area of the mould is compacted in about 25 strokes. The Number of strokes can be programmed through the thumb wheel switches with digital display. A selector switch is provided on the control panel for selection between 100mm or 150mm diameter mould.

For 150mm diameter moulds the rammer carriage shifts radically by 25mm to give out 8 blows within the diameter of 100mm and 17 blows between 100mm and 150mm diameter. This sequence is repeated till the rammer completes 55 blows and the machine automatically stops.

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