Concrete Test Hammer Digi - Schmidt 2000

Concrete Test Hammer Digi - Schmidt 2000

to BS1881, EN12504 part 2:2001

British StandardBS1881-202
Other StandardsEN12504-2
Approx. Weight (kg)3
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This concrete test hammer is equipped with a sensor which measures the rebound value of a test impact to a high resolution and repeatability.
Basic settings and measured values are shown on the display unit.
Operation is menu-driven in different languages.

  • Non-destructive measurement of the concrete compressive strength and control of the uniform concrete quality (in-situ concrete and prefabricated structures)
  • Detecting weak spots
  • Data-Transfer to PC/printer

Type ND (impact energy 2,207 Nm) - suitable for use on concrete components of 100 mm thickness or more

Standard curves for concrete aged 7 and 28 days are installed in the unit. Five further internal conversion curves can be programmed via the keyboard.

The measuring data can be transmitted via the serial RS 232 port to a printer or a PC/Laptop. The integrated clock stores the measured values with test date and time.

Display Data:

  • Display range and limits
  • Last measured value
  • Minimum value
  • Maximum value
  • Standard deviation
  • Mean value
  • Compressive strength of Concrete
  • Unit selectable: N/mm2,MPa, kg/cm2, psi
  • Number of test impacts
  • Measurement series number
  • Shape coefficient of the test specimen which is used to define the strength
  • Outliers can be eliminated according to two different criteria
  • Curve for conversion into concrete compressive strength
  • Mean value, calculated after selected number of impacts
  • Impact direction

Supplied complete with display unit with non-volatile memory for max. 500 measurement series of 10 values each, graphic LCD display 128 x 128 pixels, RS 232 interface, integrated software for printing the measured values and transmitting to PC, transfer cable for PC, test hammer cable, grind stone, carrying straps, operating instructions, certificate, protection sleeve and carrying case.


Impact energy2.207 Nm
Measuring range of compressive strength10 to 70 N/mm2
Accuracy of measurement± 0.2 R
Reproducibility± 0.5 R
Temperature range–10 to + 60 deg C
Battery operationsix LR 6 batteries, 1.5 V, for 60 hours

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