Silver Schmidt Live Type L Concrete Test Hammer

Silver Schmidt Live Type L Concrete Test Hammer

to BS1881, EN12504 part 2:2001

British StandardBS1881-202
Other StandardsEN12504-2
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Concrete strength and uniformity evaluation using optical rebound hammer technology


Accurately test the widest range of concrete strength classes.

Work with the built-in standardscompliant conversions or your own custom material conversions.


A mobile app that lets you annotate measurements with voice, photos, and comments.

Generate reports and share them instantly. Access your data from anywhere, anytime.


Fully assess an entire test region of concrete in less than 10 minutes—saving you days of laborious effort compared with exclusively using coring.



Software Original Schmidt® Live app & website interface
Workflow features Voice read-out of each impact (only on iOS®)
Logbook with geolocation, audio, image and text annotations
Series statistics
Single series reporting: PDF, CSV
Test-region reporting (multiple series): PDF, CSV, uniformity report, EN13791 characteristic strength report
Verification features Options: EN12504-2, Manufacturer's recommendation, JGJ-T23
User reminder when verification check on anvil is required
User guidance for verification procedure
Cloud features Cloud synchronization
Cloud-enabled Logbook
Cloud-based report generation

iOS is a registered trademark of Cisco in the US and is used by Apple under license.


Model Type N Type L
Applications High-precision compressive strength estimation and strength uniformity assessment
Ultra-high performance (UHPC) Up to 120 MPa / 17405 psi -
Normal and high strength 10 – 100 MPa
1450 – 14500 psi
Fresh* - 5 – 30 Mpa
725 – 4351 psi
Technology Optical Rebound Velocity Quotient
Impact angle independent Y Y
Impact energy 2.207 Nm 0.735 Nm
Probe weight 1.08 kg / 2.38 lbs 0.84 kg / 1.85 lbs
Digital display 100 x 100 px, back-lit
Display and processing unit iOS® or Android® device (not included)
Connectivity Bluetooth® 4.0 EDR Low Energy to iOS® or Android® device
Accessories Bluetooth® printer: optional / included in Print model Mushroom plunger (for Type L only)

*with mushroom plunger


Measurements settings
Rebound value calculation EN12504-2; ASTM C805; JGJ-T23; JSCE;JIS; Mean
Units N/mm2, MPa, psi, kg/cm2
Form factor correction Cube, 2:1 cylinder, 1:1 core, user-definable
Carbonation correction User-definable
Reference and custom curves Reference curves for Europe, China and Russia
Custom curves (required by major standards)
EN13791 characteristic strength determination using rebound value alone


Memory capacity ca. 20'000 impacts
Impacts per series Max. 70
Battery Removable, 1x AAA (alkaline or rechargeable), flight-safe
Battery autonomy > 20'000 impacts
Operating temperature 0 to 50°C / 32 to 122 °F
Operating humidity <95% RH, non-condensing
Storage temperature -10 to 70°C / 14 to 158 °F