Concrete Test Hammer Type NR - Schmidt

Concrete Test Hammer Type NR - Schmidt

with analogue and digital display, digital reporting and data sharing

British StandardBS1881-202
Other StandardsEN12504-2, EN13791, ASTM C805
Approx. Weight (kg)2.9
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Versatile testing hammer with multiple methods of use

  • Digital hammer with digital reporting and data sharing (via a free, comprehensive Apple iOS app)
  • Digital print console by wirelessly connecting to a Bluetooth printer (not supplied) and directly printing out test results
  • Stand-alone digital hammer (using the digital display without the app and downloading the data to the app later, if required)
  • Stand-alone analogue hammer (using it like an Original Schmidt with the mechanical display, even without a battery)
Note: Printer/Tablet/Smartphone are not supplied and must be purchased separately.


  • Uniformity testing of concrete
  • Compressive strength estimation; concrete: 10 to 70 N/mm2/ 1450 to 10152 psi
  • Screening of concrete to identify coring locations
  • In-situ rock testing on massive rock
  • Normal concrete strength estimation
  • Concrete uniformity testing
  • Uniformity testing
  • In-situ strength estimation
  • Custom correlation to compressive strength

Instrument Firmware

Automatic calcuation of rebound value according to international standards


Any compatible Apple® iOS device (please see App Store for details) Any supported Android™ device (see Google Play Store for details)


Instument memory > 20'000 impacts, Display memory - Memory of iOS or Android device


Low energy bluetooth, USB for charging and updates


Impact angle independent
Displays the series on-screen as you work
Series validity checked automatically
Review an entire series
Delete impacts
Test region reporting
Select units, form factor and correlation curves
Create your own custom curves
Create custom curves databases for your own mixes

Report Generation

Single, multiple series, test region (uniformity, EN13791)


English, German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Russian


Standard AAA, alkaline or rechargeable

Battery Lifetime

> 20'000 impacts between charges

Operating Temperature

0° to 50°C

App Features:

  • Allows you to test in accordance with standards.
  • All data is automatically recorded from the app to a web-based reporting tool.
  • Manual data entry not required.
  • Export reports in PDF or CSV.
  • A Logbook feature summarises all activity, records GPS locations and lets you add notes, images and audio comments.
  • Hammer verification management tools help you keep your hammer calibrated.
  • Impact results can be heard live in audio on Apple iOS devices via text-to-speech.
  • Select units, form factor and correlation curves.
  • Create your own custom curve as required by standards.
  • Automatic data backup.

Impact energy Type N

2.207 Nm (1.63 ft lbf)

Housing dimensions

61 x 84 x 275 mm / 2.4 x 3.3 x 10.8 in

Weight (N-hammer)

1090 g / 2.4 lb


2,000 measurement series


Analog & backlit digital (100 x 100 pixels, graphic)

Charger connection



Standard AAA, alkaline or rechargeable

IP classification


Supplied as:

Original Schmidt Live Hammer N, rechargeable AAA battery, micro USB cable, carrying strap, grinding stone, documentation, bluetooth printer, registration paper rolls (3x), carrying case.