Concrete Test Hammer Type N - Schmidt

Concrete Test Hammer Type N - Schmidt

to BS1881, EN12504 part 2:2001

British StandardBS1881-202
Other StandardsEN12504-2
Approx. Weight (kg)1.5
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  • Measuring range 10 to 70 N/mm2compressive strength
    (below 25 N/mm2type P part number CN675 is better suited).
  • Impact energy = 2,207 Nm.
  • Rebound values are read from a dial.

Supplied in a carrying case including a grinding stone and operating instructions.
Case Dimensions: 325 x 125 x 140mm
Weight: 1.6kg

Test Procedure

(Similar for all types)
Smooth test area with a grinding stone.
Perform test series of at least ten test impacts.
The compressive strength of the concrete is read from a conversion chart.