Manesty Water Still

Manesty Water Still

3.4 to 4.5 litres per hour output

Approx. Weight (kg)12
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Wall mounting manesty still, designed for continuous automatic and efficient production of high quality distilled water at minimum cost.

General Operation

The raw water enters at the lower end of the condenser pipe, circulating around the condenser tube and ultimately filling the boiling chamber to a height predetermined by means of a weir. The descending steam in the condenser tube thus preheats the ascending column of raw water, which is economical, and also tends to expel gases dissolved in it. The still is so designed that these expelled gases can be vented to the atmosphere. The steam generated in the boiling chamber passes through a system of baffles on its way to the condenser tube. The baffles are so arranged that the vapour changes direction three times before passing into the condenser tube. In this way the entrainment of raw water, a main cause of chemical or organic degradation in distilled water, is prevented. If operated correctly, pyrogen-free water is obtained. The boiling chamber, condenser pipe and tube, weir assembly, inner baffles, outer lid and inner baffle cup are made of stainless steel.

All electric elements are fitted with protective cut-outs.

Electrical supply230V 50/60Hz
Output3.4 to 4.5 L/hour
Power consumption3 kW
Full content of boiling chamber6.8 litres


5 to 6

Case dimensions W x D x H350 x 460 x 725mm
Weightnet: 7kg gross: 12kg

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