Water Deioniser

Water Deioniser

Water Deioniser
with cartridge & spout
Approx. Weight (kg)2.5
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  • High quality water instantly available
  • Simple to install - wall mounting
  • Colour change resin
  • Supplied with dispensing spout
  • Hand held dispensing gun accessory on flexible lead

Deioniser to provide quality water as and when it is required.
The need for elaborate and costly storage is eliminated. Just turn on the mains water tap and take off the water instantly either through the top dispensing spout or the accessory hand held dispensing gun.

The resin changes colour when the cartridge is exhausted.

Maximum flow rate 60 litres per hour
Maximum input pressure 90 psi (6 bar)
Mains water connection 0.5 inch BSP hose tail
Typical water quality 0.1 to 10 uS/cm

Typical output,
water areas

Hard (400-500ppm) - 80 to 100 litres
Mid (100-300ppm) - 150 to 400 litres
Soft (40-80ppm) - 500 to 900 litres

Overall dimensions H x W x D 385 x 92 x 100mm
Weight 2.5kg

Water Purity Ultra-pure water, as produced by the MH770, is almost entirely free of dissolved mineral salts, including silica, and will have a neutral pH since the dissolved CO2will have been removed. From an inorganic standpoint, ultra-pure water will conform to International Pharmacopoeia and laboratory grade specifications for purified water.For less critical applications the MH770 is capable of producing pure water at the end of each cartridge run, extending its life by approximately 25%. Pure water is similar to ultra-pure water although CO2 and silica will be present.

Water analysis

Ultra-Pure Water Pure Water
Conductivity 1 to 0.1μS/cm 10 to 1μS/cm
Resistivity 1 to 10MΩ -cm 0.1 to 1MΩ-cm
Silica <0.05 ppm (mg/l) not removed
Carbon Dioxide <0.5 ppm (mg/l) not removed
Trace Dissolved Metals <0.001 ppm (mg/l) <0.005 ppm (mg/l)
Residual Solids <0.5 ppm (mg/l) <5 ppm (mg/l)
Average pH Neutral 4 to 7
Unit Shipping Weight 2.5kg