Air Jet Sieving System - accepts 200mm diameter Air Jet sieves

Air Jet Sieving System - accepts 200mm diameter Air Jet sieves

Operating range 5 to 4000 microns

Approx. Weight (kg)25
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The Air Jet system is suitable for sieving powder and dry grain products, obtaining sieving results between 5 to 4000 microns. A vacuum machine applies a controlled decrease of pressure to the chamber beneath the sieve, drawing air out of the sieve through the apertures and carrying with it any particles smaller than the sieve aperture size.
  • Extremely efficient
  • Fast sieving times
  • Suitable for dry material of 5µm upwards
  • Sieving action keeps apertures clear
  • Air flow fluidises and helps to separate sample
  • Ideal for electrostatic materials
  • Variable vacuum control

The vacuum machine is equipped with an automatic filter cartridge cleaning system, which allows many tests before replacement is needed.

The microprocessor controlled digital keypad can be used to adjust:
  • Sieving time from 0 to 99 minutes
  • Vacuum range from 0 to 99 bar
  • Calibration function
The Air Jet System is supplied complete with a vacuum machine, plexiglass cover, filter cartridge, 5 plastic collection bags & accessories.

Air Jet Sieves
Visit the Air Jet Sieve Selector page on our dedicated sieve site for all Air Jet sieves from Impact.

Please Note: Impact recommends using an SV492 'O' Ring on each of the air jet sieves, as this gives a better seal


Maximum sieve diameter 200mm
Dimensions 450mm x 600mm x 400mm
Power supply 230V 50Hz 1ph
Weight 25kg

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A user guide is available to download from the Impact web site