Combination Permeameter 63.4mm (2.5inch)

Combination Permeameter 63.4mm (2.5inch)

Combination Permeameter	63.4mm (2.5inch)
One piece acrylic chamber, 63.4mm (2.5") with manometer & reservoir
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Designed to determine the coefficient of permeability by the constant or falling head method for the laminar flow of water through granular soils.

The chamber is one piece acrylic to enable the sample to be viewed during the test. The sample length is 2 times the diameter. A spring is positioned in the top plate to apply 5-10 lbs force against the top stone or screen to prevent soil density changes during the test.

The end caps & clamping ring are manufactured from anodised aluminium. The chamber is equipped with valves, porous stones & tubing to connect to the water source, vacuum & manometer tubes.

The manometer tube, scale & permeameter base are attached to a platform creating a compact & portable unit. An adjustable constant head reservoir mounts on the upright scale & can be easily removed. All tubing & connections are included.