Intellirock II 56 day Temperature 1 Hour Logger, 15.2m cable

Intellirock II 56 day Temperature 1 Hour Logger, 15.2m cable
with 1 hour logging interval and  15.2m cable
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The Temperature Logger is a self-contained, microprocessor-based data-logger that can be embedded directly into a concrete structure. The logger measures, processes, and stores temperature data within the concrete itself. It is extremely rugged and operates continuously with no permanently-affixed external devices. It stores the maximum and minimum temperatures and time at which they occur.

It uses a precision thermistor to provide highly accurate temperature measurements. The precision thermistor eliminates any need for temperature calibration.

Each logger has a unique serial number.

  • Records concrete's internal temperature profile for 56 days
  • Use when temperature data is required but not strength measurements


Data Logged Temperature
Logging Interval 1 Hour
Logging Time 56 Days

Temperature Accuracy

+/- 1oC

Maturity Integration Period


Maturity Techniques Available


Additional Data Stored

Time and value of min./max. temperature Up to 8 Notes and 6 Events Job Site Name, Logger, Location Notes

Logger Dimensions

38mm x 28mm diameter 1-1/2 in. x 1-1/8 in diameter

Standard cable length

15.2 metres, 50 ft. (custom lengths offered)


18 gauge

Operating Temperature

-18oC to 85oC (0oF to 185oF)

Logging Battery Life

6 months

Battery Shelf Life

5 years