Digital Resonance Frequency Tester

Digital Resonance Frequency Tester

Digital Resonance Frequency Tester
for Dynamic Modulus of Elasticity to BS1881 part 209
British StandardBS1881-209
Approx. Weight (kg)7
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Digital instrument for measuring the longitudinal, torsional and flexional resonance frequency; with a 7" touch screen monitor, battery pack and integrated battery management

The Digital Resonance Frequency Tester calculates the frequency of the longitudinal, torsional and flexional resonance on concrete or natural stone samples in order to determine the Modulus of Elasticity, the damping factor and to analyse the deterioration caused by the freeze-thaw cycles of the material being examined.

The instrument is provided with an embedded PC and colour LCD monitor with integrated 7" touch-screen. The USB interface on the front panel ensures quick and safe management of acquired data.

The user is guided through the entire measurement process in a simple and intuitive way, with explanatory illustrations.
The unit is provided with software, which allows management and organisation of the measurements and the creation of test reports.
Maximum sampling frequency 100KHz (Nyquist frequency 50KHz)
Resolution of the frequency measure min. 12.2Hz (0-50KHz) max. 0.49Hz (0-2KHz)
Samples acquired per event 8192
Trigger's minimum level 19mV            
Power Supply 12V DC, provided by 7Ah internal battery
Average absorption 1,5A
Average battery life 3 hrs
Case polypropylene copolymer case, automatic equalizing pressure valve, IP42
Available interfaces 1xUSB
Display LCD 7” resistive touch-screen
Data storage on internal SD (about 3Gb), on USB pen drive (included with the equipment)
Data format SAM (owner)
Functioning environmental conditions -20/80 °C
Dimensions 27 x 24.6 x 17.4 cm
Weight 7Kg
Conformity ASTM C666, BS 1881:209, NF P18-414, UNI 9771, ASTM C215-08, UNI EN 14146
HS Code 90248090
Documents languages Italian, English
 Management software  
Operating system Windows Embedded Standard
Language English or Italian
Problems solving complete restore (by USB pen drive included with the equipment)
Software upgrade available online or installion using USB port
Monitoring battery status, internal battery, memory space available
Data input on-screen virtual keyboard, keyboard connected to usb port (opt.)