Sieve Shaker, horizontal circular motion, digital control

Sieve Shaker, horizontal circular motion, digital control
for 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 305mm, 315mm, 400mm & 8 inch diameter sieves
Weight (kg)70
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This Sieve Shaker performs horizontal circular motions with a radius of 15mm to DIN 53477. The 50 to 300 rpm speed is electronically controlled & continuously adjustable to meet the requirements of the product to be sieved. The number of revolutions is digitally displayed. The base plate is driven by a robust, maintenance-free 125 Watt drive motor. The power is transmitted via an eccentric.

  • sieving with circular sieving motion according to DIN 53477
  • excellent separation efficiency even with short sieving times
  • sieve stack up to 450 mm height
  • free digital adjustment of all process parameters (time, speed or sieve acceleration, interval)
  • memory for up to 9 programmes
  • interval operation
  • optional software available for control through RS232 interface (not included in standard unit)
  • fulfils all criteria for measuring equipment related to ISO 9001
  • maintenance-free
  • easy operation, ergonomic design
Clamping device not included - see SV014/1
Measuring range 45 µm - 63 mm
Maximum batch/feed capacity 5kg
Maximum fractions (depending on sieve size) 7/9/17
Maximum mass of sieve stack 15kg
Speed (min-1) digital 50 - 300
Time intervals yes, 1 - 10 min
Timer digital 1 - 99 min
Programs Maximum 9
Test certificate Supplied
Accepts sieve diameter 100mm - 400mm & 8 inch
Height of sieve stack up to 450mm
Vibration height controlled
W×D×H 540mm × 507mm × 260mm
Weight 70kg