Single Tube Saybolt Viscometer

Single Tube Saybolt Viscometer

Single Tube Saybolt Viscometer
to ASTM D88, AASHTO T72, UNE 7066, UNE 51021 Supplied without thermometers
Other StandardsASTM D88, AASHTO T72
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Used to determine the viscosity of petroleum products at specified temperatures between 70 to 210 °F.
Image shows Two Tube Version BM472
Stainless steel Saybolt viscometer, supplied complete with Furol and Universal interchangeable orifices, oil bath, electric heater with digital thermo-regulator, stirrer, cooling coil, viscosity flask.

Oil Bath Specification

Dimensions: 200 x 200 x 115mm high
Volume: 4.6 litres

Thermometers are not included and must be ordered separately.


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