Digital Readout 2000kN Block, Cube and Cylinder Compression Machine

Digital Readout 2000kN Block, Cube and Cylinder Compression Machine
Comtest digital readout, motorised power pack to BS6073 P1, EN772-1, ASTM C39, ASTM E447, AASHTO T22, UNI6686 P1+2, NF P18-411, ISO7500, UNE83304, EN12390 P4, BS1881 P115
British StandardBS6073 P1, BS1881 P115
Other StandardsEN772-1, EN12390 P4, ASTM C39, ASTM E447, AASHTO T22, ISO7500
Tariff902480 90
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Image shows 2000kN Cube and Cylinder Compression Machine with Comtest digital readout.
Designed to test blocks up to 410mm long x 250mm x 250mm and 100mm and 100mm & 150mm cubes
  • Compact Welded steel load frame with a high degree of mechanical stability
  • Ball-seated upper platen 300mm diameter and rail mounted block platen 445mm x 250mm x 75mm thick
  • Lower platen 75mm thick, positively located on the loading ram
  • Loading ram with cover to prevent debris damaging it during testing and a limit switch to prevent it from exceeding the maximum limit of travel
  • Front guard, hinged for ease of access
  • Supplied with block platen handling system which consists of a rail that allows the top block platen to be slid out and supported at the back of the machine, enabling cube testing to be carried out.


Comtest Digital Readout - for accuracy of results and simplified operation Microprocessor based electronics provide:
  • Data monitoring and capture of load signals for:
  • Compression range 0 to 2000kN & 3000kN Flexural range 000.00 to 100.00 kN
  • 2 transducers ports for up to 2 frames or low load work in a standard frame
  • Calculation of stress upon failure
  • Transducer configuration, calibration and linearisation facilities for Compression and Flexural input ranges.
  • Data logging: up to 100 test results, time stamped and with all relevant test data results. RS232 Serial communications port for printing test results information or downloading to a PC. 4 row x 20 column LCD screen, with LED back light
  • 16-key pad for set up and usage
  • Built in battery backed real-time calendar/clock
All data-entry and editing functions are available via the 16-key membrane keypad on the front of the digital readout unit.

Motorised power pack

With hydraulic loading allowing fine control, accurate pace regulation and rapid platen approach facility

 Operates on 220V 50/60Hz (110V version available)

Specifications (frame only)

Height 920mm
Width 400mm
Depth 445mm
Maximum vertical clearance 375mm
Maximum ram travel 50mm
Distance Pieces supplied for testing 100mm & 150mm cubes 2 x 50mm, 2 x 80mm