Mortar Workability Apparatus

Mortar Workability Apparatus

Mortar Workability Apparatus
to EN413-2
Approx. Weight (kg)18
Tariff902480 90
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Designed to test concrete mortar for dynamic workability and also to ensure optimum proportioning of mortar constituents (sand, water, cement, as well as cement/sand and water/cement ratios) for a given application. Also suitable for checking possible improvement when admixing a plastifier, or for comparing two mortar types.

The apparatus consists of a prismatic receiver divided into two unequal volumes by a removable partition with an electric vibrator.

The fresh mortar is poured in the larger volume, the separating partition is removed and the vibrator starts automatically. As a result of the vibratory action, mortar flows from the larger volume to the smaller one, in a time which is a function of the workability of the mortar.

Power supply: 220-240V 50Hz 1ph 110W
Dimensions: 400mm x 200mm x 200mm
Weight: 18Kg