Software for Triaxal UU, CU, CD tests

Software for Triaxal UU, CU, CD tests
for use with Impact Data loggers or manual input of data BS1377-7
British StandardBS1377-7
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This is a modular software package that has been developed for the presentation of geotechnical test data to National Standards (e.g. BS1377). This program is used to manipulate data, whether directly from a data logger or input by hand.
It combines the simplicity of a windows user interface to select and edit the test data with the power and flexibility of Microsoft Excel to output the test report in a format that is easy to distribute and easy to customise.

For each test the software creates a series of well structured data files containing the test data for each specimen used and for each test stage carried out on each specimen. From this data the software produces a test report, including all calculations and graphs, which is exported into a user customisable Excel Template. The final report is saved as an Excel spreadsheet. This can then be printed, altered and given to a client in machine readable form, which they can open in Excel without needing the initial software.
The screen shots below are examples only and not indicative of a particular module or test

Creating a Project


Test Data