Auxiliary Control Panel

Auxiliary Control Panel

Auxiliary Control Panel
for use with SL330 control panel BS1377-6
British StandardBS1377-6
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Impact's Auxiliary Control Panel allows simultaneous testing of multiple permeability samples through the Master Control Panel SL330.
The Auxiliary Panel has identical regulators, valves and reservoir and burette assemblies as on the Master Control Panel, but without the digital pressure readout gauge.
Please note, Image shows SL330 Master Control Panel.
Connection to the Master Control Panel, utilises the digital gauge to on the Master Panel to control and set required confining and cell pressures for additional test chambers.
  • Precision regulators and valves allow accurate setting and control of cell and burette pressures during saturation, consolidation and testing phases of the procedure.
  • The upper controls regulate air pressure to the permeability chamber, whilst the lower controls regulate the water supply.
  • The user sets the effective cell pressure and controls both cell and sample back pressure by adjusting one regulator. This is particularly useful during saturation and causes no change in effective stress.
  • The test cell and panel reservoirs can be conveniently filled and drained from the front panel.
  • All connections and tubing for the cell are located on the front panel.
  • Water, air, and drain connectors are located at the rear of the panel.

The panel also includes two 50cc burettes graduated to 0.1cc and two 4ccpipettes graduated to 0.008cc, for accurate measurements of flow during the permeability test phase. Each is encased in a large 400cc capacity storage reservoir. The panel frame is constructed of sturdy aluminium and coated with epoxy paint for increased durability in harsh laboratory environments.Whitey™high-quality ball valves are used to insure positive shut off of the valves.

The Panel is 533mm wide x 159mm deep x 946mmhigh.

An air compressor is required to generate confining pressures. This must be purchased separately.